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Combatting Wrongful Retention Under The 1980 Hague Convention

At Zashin Law, we stand at the forefront of resolving complex international family law issues, particularly wrongful retention cases under the 1980 Hague Convention. Renowned for our meticulous approach and deep legal understanding, our firm is dedicated to restoring family unity and ensuring that international agreements concerning child custody are honored. Our wealth of experience in international family law can be your guiding light through the complex realities of these challenges.

What Constitutes Wrongful Retention?

Wrongful retention typically arises when one parent takes a child to another country under a mutual agreement for a temporary stay – for instance, a vacation or a family visit – and then decides not to return. This breach of agreement, such as when a parent and their child stay somewhere longer than agreed upon with the other parent, qualifies as a wrongful retention. For example, this occurs when one parent takes their children on vacation during a school break and chooses to remain on their trip past the previously specified deadline.

Legal Challenges In Wrongful Retention Cases

One of the primary challenges in wrongful retention cases is determining the start date of the wrongful act. Disputes between parents often occur over when the retention began from the date of departure or when the child was supposed to return. Determining this distinction is critical, and we can report the truth of the matter to make your voice heard in court during your case.

Our approach to resolving international family law issues like wrongful retention involves our meticulous analysis of these cases, leveraging our extensive experience of working with the Hague Convention and utilizing our considerable experience with these issues to pursue the swift and safe return of our client’s children. We are well-versed with these matters and have even stood for clients through multiple high-profile cases as we advance the application of international child abduction laws.

Choosing the right legal representation is crucial in wrongful retention cases. Our firm’s expertise and proactive approach ensure that each case is handled with the sensitivity and rigor it demands. We recognize the emotional position these situations can put our clients in, and we take the time to provide them with the compassion, respect and support they need through such a trying time.

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