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Ensuring Every Child’s Right To Family Time Through Child Custody

At Zashin Law, we stand apart for our ability to handle complex family law cases at state, national and international levels. Our family law attorneys are renowned for their strategic and proactive approach, particularly in high-stakes disputes. Recognized for our legal skill on platforms like CNN, The New York Times and the Today Show, we have more Best Lawyers listings, combined Super Lawyers and Rising Stars recognitions, and Fellows of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers than any other family law firm in Cleveland and Ohio. With attorneys Andrew Zashin and Amy Keating ranked in the prestigious Chambers and Partners HNW Guide and our attorneys selected as 2024 Best Lawyers, we excel in taking on the challenging cases that other firms might avoid.

Child custody cases are not merely legal disputes; they profoundly impact the time a child spends with their parents. The emotional stakes in these scenarios emphasize the need for skilled and compassionate legal guidance. Our family law attorneys at Zashin Law are dedicated to ensuring that children maintain meaningful relationships with their parents, irrespective of the family’s legal challenges. Our Ohio law firm is licensed to represent clients in family law matters at a state, national and international level. We approach each child custody matter with a deep sense of responsibility and integrity, fully understanding the long-term impact these situations have on a family’s life. No matter what borders your legal issues cross, we can help you resolve them.

Our Commitment To Family

In Ohio, the determination of child custody is based on many factors designed to assess the child’s best interests. These include the preferences of both the parents and the child, the nature of familial relationships, the health of all parties involved, and the impact of potential changes in the child’s environment. One of our responsibilities as your legal representation is to present these factors to the court to help convince them to rule in a way that benefits you and your family.

As your legal team, Zashin Law prioritizes creating a nurturing and fair environment that supports your children’s well-being. Our lawyers are committed to exploring every strategic avenue to achieve the outcomes that best serve both the children and the family unit. Our approach is comprehensive, taking into consideration every detail that could impact your child’s future and your parental rights.

We also understand that child custody problems go beyond the courtroom, and we are adept at seeking alternative resolution methods like negotiating to reach an agreeable resolution. No matter what course of action is best for your family’s needs, we are prepared to craft a custom-tailored plan to pursue a positive environment for your children that ensures balanced time with each parent while accommodating their needs.

Keep Your Family Together

If you are navigating the complexities of child custody and need experienced guidance, Zashin Law is here to support you. We are prepared to help you achieve an outcome that provides your children with the stability and nurturing environment they deserve.

Contact our Cleveland office at 888-875-5772 or email us here to schedule your initial consultation. Choosing Zashin Law means selecting a partner who values your family’s needs as much as you do, so contact us today.