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Collaborative Divorce At Zashin Law

At Zashin Law, we champion collaborative divorce as a preferred alternative for couples seeking to dissolve their marriage amicably and respectfully. Our family law attorneys are fluent in all methods of divorce resolution at a state, national or international level, and we are prepared to guide you through your collaborative divorce. Our law firm is renowned for its family law prowess, and our founding attorney, Andrew Zashin, has been featured on CNN, The Today Show and The New York Times to provide legal insights on complicated family law matters.

The collaborative divorce process emphasizes cooperation over confrontation, allowing both parties to work together with their attorneys to negotiate terms without the pressures of traditional litigation. This approach allows you to maintain greater control over the outcome of your divorce, maintain a civil relationship with your spouse, and resolve your disputes on your time and your terms. As your legal representation, our Ohio attorneys will help you through every step of the collaborative divorce process.

The Process And Benefits Of Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative divorce involves a series of structured negotiations aimed at reaching a comprehensive settlement that meets the needs of both spouses and any children involved. Each spouse will have their own attorney to lead them through these negotiations. A primary principle of this resolution method is to avoid litigation by agreeing to complete transparency to resolve any divorce issues such as asset division, child custody and support arrangements. By choosing collaborative divorce, our clients can experience several significant advantages:

  • Preserve relationships: When both spouses have a say in how their marriage ends, they are more likely to avoid a negative relationship with each other, which can be especially advantageous for parents.
  • Enhances privacy: Taking a divorce to litigation means that the details and outcome are a public matter. Through collaboration, you can keep things private.
  • Increases control: Instead of making your case to a judge and hoping they agree with your needs, you can work with your spouse to influence an outcome that you both can be satisfied with.
  • Reduces stress and conflict: With the control you receive through collaboration, and by setting the speed of the resolution to your own pace, the resolution process becomes much calmer when compared to a courtroom.
  • Cost-Effective: The time and energy you save in these resolutions also means you will save money by way of legal fees, less time off from work, and other resources necessary for a resolution.

Our family law team at Zashin Law is adept at navigating the nuances of collaborative divorce. We are equipped with the skills and sensitivity to ensure that negotiations progress smoothly and efficiently. Our collaborative divorce lawyers work tirelessly to develop a strategy that can empower our clients, provide them with the resources they need to decide what is best for them and their children, and help them pursue the outcome they deserve in their divorce.

Start Your Collaborative Divorce Journey With Us

If you believe collaborative divorce might be the right choice for your situation, we invite you to reach out to Zashin Law to explore this option further. Learn more about how cooperating with your spouse through your divorce may be the best option for everyone by calling our Cleveland office at 888-875-5772 or emailing us here to schedule your initial consultation.