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At Zashin Law, our family law attorneys distinguish themselves through our ability to handle family law cases at state, federal and international levels. Our family law attorneys are celebrated for their proactive and strategic approach to complex legal issues, including high net worth divorces and cross-border custody disputes. We are not your average domestic law firm; we infuse personality and profound legal insight into every client engagement, whether at the state, national or international level. We excel in taking on significant, challenging cases that other firms may shy away from, providing the robust guidance you need to navigate your family law issues successfully. Our proficiency in family law matters has resulted in our founding attorney, Andrew Zashin, offering legal counsel on CNN, The New York Times and the Today Show.

Zashin Law boasts more Best Lawyers listings, combined Super Lawyers and Rising Stars listings, and Fellows of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers than any other family law practice in Cleveland and Ohio, with Andrew Zashin and Amy Keating ranked in the prestigious Chambers and Partners HNW Guide. We recognize the profound impact these cases can have on your life and are dedicated to guiding you through every step with exceptional legal counsel. Based in Cleveland, our extensive global experience enables us to understand how family law issues can profoundly impact personal and familial dynamics. When it comes to defending your best interests in these matters, you need the guidance of a committed and compassionate legal team. Whether you are dealing with divorce, custody disputes or other sensitive issues, the right family law team can significantly influence the outcome of your case.

Comprehensive Legal Services Tailored To Your Needs

The umbrella of family law services covers a wide array of legal issues. Our practice covers a broad spectrum of family law services to provide comprehensive legal guidance to all family types through challenges such as:

  • Divorce: We craft custom-tailored strategies through every step of the divorce process to achieve the outcomes our clients deserve.
  • Child Custody: We are here to protect the parental rights of our clients and secure the time they deserve with their children.
  • Child Support: Our guidance can seek a child support arrangement that provides for this child without hurting the parents.
  • Spousal Support: We will seek a spousal support arrangement that benefits both sides in a divorce.
  • Domestic Violence: When someone is harming your family, we can help put a stop to it.
  • Property Division: When dividing your marital assets, including tangible and intangible marital contributions, we will fight for you to keep what belongs to you.
  • Adoption: We can help you through the process of adding a new member to your family from anywhere in the world.
  • Artificial Reproductive Technology: Our attorneys can also assist you through the process of using reproductive technology to grow your family.
  • Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements: Our lawyers can develop a nuptial agreement that you can depend on if the day should ever come that you would need it.
  • Child Relocation: If your ex keeps your child across borders longer than you agreed to, we can help bring your child home.

No matter what your family law challenges are, we will stand by you through state, national and international courts to resolve your issues with as little complication and stress as possible for you.

Put Experienced Family Law Attorneys On Your Side

If you are facing a family law challenge and need trusted, experienced legal counsel, reach out to Zashin Law. Our Ohio attorneys are ready to help you navigate your legal journey with a deep understanding and innovative solutions tailored to your unique circumstances. Contact our Cleveland office by calling 888-875-5772 or emailing us here to see how we can assist you in transforming your legal challenges into victories.