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At Zashin Law, LGBTQ+ Matters

Zashin Law attorneys have been forging unique Family Law solutions for same-sex and LGBTQ+ couples — and for couples who have children with gender-related matters — for decades.

Since well before the groundbreaking 2015 Supreme Court decision Obergefell v. Hodges, which nationally legalized same-sex marriage in the United States, Zashin Law attorneys have tackled many issues specific to LGBTQ+ families during divorce, dissolution, and custody proceedings.

Same-Sex, Civil Union, Property Divisions

Before Obergefell, same-sex civil unions were legal in some states. When couples moved to different states, they could opt to obtain a new civil union in that state. One couple’s multiple, successive, civil unions under various legal regimes can create various combinations of property distribution under the law. This type of property division must be carefully considered. The outcome could have positive our negative impact on a spouse in a same-sex marriage if not handled skillfully.

Zashin Law attorneys have successfully navigated the issue of dividing the separate property (property acquired before it was put to joint use by the couple) of same-sex and LGBTQ+ couples by using methods such as complex tracing or reviewing financial records in each jurisdiction or between the jurisdictions of civil unions.

Children’s Issues

It has been said that every parent can only be as happy as their least happy child. Zashin Law has the experience of working with parents whose children are in distress.

We have the tools to help families cope with stressful legal situations and obtain the best possible results for their children, preferably out of court and, when necessary, in court.

In addition, our firm is familiar with LGBTQ+ issues and is knowledgeable and sensitive while working with children in this context.

We routinely work with Guardians ad Litem, Social workers, Forensic Psychologists, Pediatricians, School Psychologists, teachers, and other professionals to help our clients obtain the best results for their children.

Across Borders

Zashin Law is the only family law firm in the United States to have represented two clients with family law matters at the United States Supreme Court concerning the international treaty known as 1980 Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of Child Abduction.

Our lawyers have unique experience working with parents who want to relocate across borders and with parents who want to prevent the other parent from moving across borders, including:

  • Another city
  • Another county
  • Another state
  • Another country


The lawyers at Zashin Law have represented clients of all walks of life. We neither judge nor label. We also maintain that the law is blind. Sometimes, those who come out are forced to explain or defend themselves. We do not tolerate discrimination of any kind, including discrimination based on gender or sexual identity. Try us!

What we focus on is making sure that whatever a client or opposing party does is not harmful and does not negatively impact anyone else involved. We try to help our clients, their children, and their cases. We think, however, that we have seen everything.

And in the rare instances where we have not, we are prepared to break new legal ground.